Ready for the Sunshine is a CD of lovely, little-heard songs contributed by 15 international artists. All proceeds go directly to the Smile Train charity, providing cleft-palate surgery for children in developing countries.

  1. SAMBASSADEUR (Sweden), Between the Lines
  2. LUMINET (USA), Pieces of the Puzzle
  4. MATT POND PA (USA), Sparrows in the Rafters
  5. CLUB 8 (Sweden), Spring Came, Rain Fell
  6. LLOYD COLE (UK), Why in the World
  7. TAKEN BY TREES (Sweden), Watch the Waves
  8. JENS LEKMAN (Sweden), The Opposite of Hallelujah
  9. TELMARINE (Sweden), Comfortable Tears
  10. SHUGO TOKUMARU (Japan), Suisha
  11. CAMERA OBSCURA (Scotland), Country Mile
  12. THE SUBMARINES (USA), Brightest Hour
  13. JAYWALK (USA), Making Sense
  14. HASTA LA OTRA MEXICO (Germany), Turana Hott Kurdis
  15. LULLATONE (Japan), Bedroom Bossa Band

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"It is a rarity to have a disc from one or many artists with all the songs a delight to listen to over and again but such is the case of this CD."
Muen Magazine

"...a dazzling collection of indie talent presented in a surprisingly unified way"

"...the album flows seamlessly together as a bright, buoyant whole"

"I promise you will get into heaven. PROMISE!"
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Ezine

©2011 Muskrat Works, sleeve photos courtesy Carol Schultz